Zuper Agency has developed a corporate identity and packaging design for collagen from the Shved company

The desire of a wide audience to become a part of a healthy lifestyle dictated the need to update the design and positioning of the natural food supplement Shved Collagen. The team was faced with the task of redesigning the product packaging and creating a style that would reflect both the modern look and the specific needs of the audience.

A healthy mix of dynamics and awareness inherent in the lifestyle of the audience allowed them to look at the product from a new angle.
Previously, collagen existed only as part of the sports and beauty industry, solving specific problems. Today, this food supplement is useful for each of us: living on the run and working to the limit, we are looking for something convenient, affordable and simple that can keep us on our toes. And what could be simpler than a natural protein acting as a natural “glue” – especially since collagen literally translates as “glue”.

From this a new positioning was born: Collagen is literally a health molecule that allows you to “glue” a high pace and a healthy lifestyle.

This perception of the product is reflected in both the lighter design and the convenience of the new packaging. And in combination with many positive effects – from the restoration of joints and muscles to giving elasticity to the skin – the result is a product that is indispensable for daily care from the inside. By the way, “Caring from within” is the slogan of the updated Collagen, which is a direct continuation of semantic and visual solutions.


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