Oh! Hot-dog


A network of street food “Oh! Hot Dog”. Residents of big cities are used to living in a frantic pace and doing several things at the same time. They simply don’t have time to look for a snack, so the fast food outlet should be noticeable. The Zuper Agency team developed a memorable design.

As the name suggests, “Oh! Hot Dog” offers hot dogs, a simple, tasty and understandable product. People of both the older and younger generations love it in any form, so the design was based on the expression “Good, whatever one may say.”

The task of adapting to any advertising medium was solved by a bright pattern, which became the main graphic solution. In our case, sausages turned in different directions became recognizable elements. In addition, the pattern hides the encrypted, but easily readable name of the network “Oh! Hot Dog”

The pattern can be placed on advertising media as a whole or as individual elements, which gives greater freedom in its use. The game mood is also supported by the logo, going beyond the 2D plane. Bright style attracts attention, gives a good mood and stimulates the appetite, which is extremely important for a hot dog outlet.

We have enjoyed working on the project. Our creative team, of course, kept the brief in mind, but allowed themselves to move away from conservatism in this category. This can be seen from the result – the design turned out to be bright, cheerful, cheerful. And, most importantly, appetizing. I hope that hungry and always busy people who are our target audience will also appreciate it.
Anna Pogosyan, Project Manager, Zuper Agency

Network Oh! Hot Dog plans to open outlets not only in Moscow, but also in other large cities. Therefore, it was very important for us that the design be understood without words in any city, in any region of our country. And what could be clearer than the image of a sausage? The Zuper agency managed to find a simple and at the same time interesting solution that would be understood, probably, all over the world. We especially liked the pattern, which now opens up space for our imagination, because it can be used on a variety of advertising media and developed in further communication.
Customer Representative “Oh! Hot Dog”