ZUPER Agency has developed an ad flight for NV 9, a premium house in Kitay-Gorod.

The agency was tasked to comprehend the NV abbreviation and use its interpretation to consolidate the association with the brand in consumer’s mind and to demonstrate the advantages of the project’s location in a quiet place in the heart of Moscow, direct access to the park, etc.

Initially, the name of the house was a wordplay on the building number. The complex is located at 9/11 Bolshoy Nikolovorobinsky Lane. The creative group’s efforts resulted in outdoor advertising, where the letters in the name of the project began to work for perception.

The NV abbreviation stands for images as ‘Nastoyaschy Vykhod (real access) to a private park’, ‘Nezhnost Voskhodov (tenderness of sunrises) in panoramic windows’, ‘Nravitsya Vozvraschatsya (Like to return) to the silence of alleys’.


Since the abbreviation doesn’t have any specific pronouncement features in Russian and English, its Russian definition sounds natural, translates the right association with the brand, helps mark the house in the consumer mind and reminds them of the project’s location.