Hals Development


The project is a finalist of WOW Awards 2019

The Hals-Development VTB Group has long conducted the Intelligent Development advertising strategy to convey its vision of the lifestyle to its audience.

A new round of the advertising campaign was an insight about customers whose lifestyle the company is exploring to meet their needs and expectations.

A new perception of luxury real estate is a new standard of living, luxury should not mean boring and complicated. The openness of people to new experiences, adventures and even extreme sports gave a fresh look at ideas of intelligence.

ZUPER Agency developed the idea and script for the Extreme Show video – dizzy journey through the elite quarter of Beijing Gardens as part of a new advertising campaign “Intelligence can be extreme”.

The people in the video are taking an exciting journey around their future houses along with the legend of motor racing, Marat Kankadze. People set limits and restrictions for themselves, abandon their dreams and desires. They say: “It is impossible”. Hals-Development proves that it is possible!

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