(РУС) Anapolis Residence


We have prepared a rebranding for Anapolis Residence, a real estate complex in Anapa. Refreshing like a sea breeze, light and emotional, the rebranding of Anapolis Residence has created a more modern and attractive image of housing.


A mix of graphics and realistic emotional photos helps to convey the sensations that the sea gives us: serenity, happiness and relaxation of the soul and body. Around the sea, rebranding is also built in communication, offering to walk on it, breathe it and, of course, literally live on it.


It is important to note that the team was faced with the task of maintaining continuity with the past style, but at the same time avoiding the undesirable stylistic association of a Greek resort in the perception of the complex. As a result, with all the brightness of the inherent emotion, the new style turned out to be laconic – exactly the way it should be for a business-class complex with the sea outside the window.